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Valasyra da positivo en el control del Prix de Flore G.III


Valasyra loses Group 3 Flore after positive test

By Desmond Stoneham 6:22PM 23 DEC 2010

France: The Aga Khan's Valasyra has tested positive for a prohibited substance and been disqualified from first place in the Group 3 Prix de Flore at Saint-Cloud on October 26.
It appears that the filly kept traces of the drug "Celestene" in her system after being treated 14 days before the race.
Trainer Alain de Royer-Dupre, the owner's racing manager Georges Rimaud and vet Thibault Vila appeared before the France Galop stewards on Tuesday.Royer-Dupre said: "Valasyra was treated with Celestene on her both her fore fetlocks 14 days before she ran in the Prix de Flore.

"I don't contest the results carried out by France Galop but current veterinary science suggests that the substance should have been eliminated well before the race. It is our intention to do everything possible to understand why this exceptional situation came about."I have been traininghorses for his Highness for 28 years and it is the first time that one of them has tested positive. I am of course very upset and perplexed by what has gone on. "Nevertheless I have decided to no longer use Celestene on the horses I train until veterinary science can identify the necessary time a horse needs to eliminate the substance."The Aga Khan's stable has decided to keep Valasyra in training so that various tests can be carried out to see whether the filly has a different metabolism to explain why she retained traces of the substance much longer than she should have done. The help of a reputed international laboratory will be sought to identify precisely the time delay of this treatment and the results will be shared with the public and the racing profession if requested.

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