martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012


Overall figures for the sale show an extremely positive result for the auction, with the total aggregate finishing at the record amount of  €20,642,000. The €32,646 average was up 10 points from 2011,whilst the clearance rate of 79.21% is reassuring for vendors, underlining the demand from the international clientele that came from all four corners of the world to buy.

ARQANA’s President Eric Hoyeau said afterwards,
“The overall results of the four days are extremely pleasing, especially as we have achieved a new record. The aggregate of €20,642,000 including private sales as well as the 79.21% clearance rate is very positive, underlining the satisfaction of everybody concerned. The activity was constant throughout the sale, and the new format worked extremely well. The upper end of the market has been very strong whether it be for mares or foals, showing a bigger demand than offered. It is particularly pleasing to see how many international buyers were active, both new and old faces. The work carried out by Arqana in view to this has born its fruits, with the team travelling and working in tandem with our overseas correspondents to ensure this. The help of the FRBC has also greatly helped us to achieve the best possible promotion of the sale. We would like to really thank the vendors that have put their trust in us and wish all the success in the world for the buyers that have invested during these four days. This year’s sales have followed the international trend, and we end the year on a level comparable to 2011, and therefore close to the French sales record.”

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Visitas en 2011

Mucho más que un deporte...

Estas palabras le dedicaba un niño a su abuelo antes de recibir la insignia de oro y brillantes por 65 años de socio del Atlético de Madrid

“el mayor homenaje que se te puede tributar es darte las gracias por lo que has hecho y me has enseñado, y sobre todo por lo que me has hecho disfrutar viendo partidos del Atleti juntos. Nuestra grandeza nos convierte en especiales y te quiero dar las gracias por traerme a la que siempre dices es nuestra casa. Quiero recoger de ti la mejor de las herencias, que es ser atlético de corazón”.